Enjoying great food and booze shouldn’t force you to spend a lot more than you can. There are many ways for you to do so and quite possibly not even experiencing paying the full price through a Saturday happy hour or something similar. Below are 11 great tips you can follow.

  1. Look for deals days in advance

Instead of going out on the day that you want to enjoy your food and booze, plan ahead. This will give you time to look through deals that may net you possible discounts such as Saturday happy hour deals.

  1. Call in and ask about the happy hour

Sometimes, there are establishments that don’t explicitly say when their happy hour is. Instead, they let the most loyal customers know when it is. Another way for you to learn is to call in and just ask.

  1. Choose from the happy hour menu

Establishments that provide happy hour menu do so because those are the most common foods and drinks. They’re common possibly because they taste great so it’s a win-win.

  1. Cheaper doesn’t always mean lower quality

It’s a common misconception that cheaper beer means they’re low quality. Personal preference actually plays a huge role. Blind tasting of differently priced beers always end up with mixed feelings on both expensive and cheap beer.

  1. Go on the least busy times

If you’re really looking to save up your money, go on the least busy days and hours. The Saturday happy hour is scheduled by bars and clubs because they might not have enough customers at that time.

  1. Do the math before you walk out

To avoid spending too much on food and booze, you should take only the money that you know you can spend without regretting it the next day so you should do the math before you head to the bar.

  1. Eat before going to the happy hour

Instead of eating and drinking at the same place, it might be better if you eat at home before going to the bar and drinking during the happy hour. This can help you save a lot of money.

  1. Keep up with the tab

When you keep ordering, it might be easy to forget how much you owe because you’re having a great time. That’s why you should keep up with your tab so you can avoid overspending.

  1. Ask if it’s still the happy hour

A rookie mistake when eating and drinking during a Saturday happy hour is not asking if the next order is still under the happy hour price tag.

  1. Listen to the bartender

Often times, the bartender will announce when the happy hour starts and ends. Mix this with tip #9 and you’ll be less confused when you are given the bill.

  1. Eat and drink with more friends

Having a small group of people to share your food and booze may feel more intimate but you might get a bigger discount if you go out with more friends.

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