Pay a visit to virtually any hotel chain in America and you will notice staff members wearing uniforms. The same is true for restaurants and other types of hospitality businesses. There are good reasons for this, and they go far beyond branding and image. The most successful hospitality businesses in America make use of uniforms for a whole host of reasons.

According to Utah-based Alsco, some uniforms are meant to protect employees from potentially harmful environmental conditions. Other uniforms are intended solely as branding tools. In hospitality though, uniforms are multi-functional by nature. Alsco says they are critical to success in the hospitality sector. Consider the following four points:

1. Uniforms Influence Perception

We already know that humans are highly visual creatures. We also know that what a person sees helps shape his or her perceptions of the world. So it should be no surprise that company uniforms influence customer perceptions.

According to, survey data shows that 79% of people believe there is a correlation between how one dresses for work and customer perception. Even without the data though, we know that’s true. It is part of the human experience.

If you were to walk into a five-star restaurant only to be greeted by a host or hostess wearing jeans and a t-shirt, your perception would be far different than what you would perceive had you been greeted by someone wearing a tuxedo or formal evening gown. The fact is that the uniforms chosen by a hospitality business affect what customers think about that business.

2. Uniforms Speed Up Service also points out that uniforms speed up service. Again, imagine you are a hotel guest experiencing a problem you believe needs immediate resolution. You can walk down to the lobby and look for someone in uniform. The same is true in a restaurant. But if you are in an environment without uniforms, it is nearly impossible to tell workers from guests. It might take some time to locate a staff member.

3. Uniforms Make Workers More Conscientious

Next, uniforms have a tendency of making employees more conscientious about what they are doing in front of customers. Now there are exceptions to the rule, but a uniformed employee tends to be more careful, considerate, and attentive.

This sort of attitude is critical in hospitality. Remember that hospitality-based businesses are not selling products or services. They are selling accommodation. Hospitality workers need to be extremely careful and attentive if they hope to succeed.

4. Uniforms Create a Sense of Security

Last but not least, uniforms create a sense of security for guests. As hotel guests, you and I are a lot more comfortable about our surroundings when there is ample staff on-site, ready and available to address concerns. Likewise, not seeing an adequate number of staff members leaves us feeling as though we’re on our own.

Without naming names, there is a well-known entertainment and hospitality company with dozens of hotel resorts located in central Florida. You can walk into any one of that company’s hotels – at any point of the day or night – and see it teaming with uniformed staff members. Guests know that there is always someone on hand should they have a problem or need.

The point is that uniforms quickly identify staff members at a glance. When guests see uniforms, they are more confident that they are being taken care of. This is a key element to being a leader in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality businesses utilize uniforms for a variety of reasons. Without uniformed staff members, things would be a lot different.

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