Thirty years! I have been around for thirty years but I have spent most of my waking hours dreaming of coffee. I am fascinated by that distinct artisan taste but it’s quite hard to come by. You’re going to need to search for it and spend time hopping from one coffee shop to the next. It gets tiring and eventually finds yourself in a difficult situation battling against time. So I did the most clever move and I finally found my new favorite subscription! This is the best coffee club there is. They scour Los Angeles’ coffee scene to discover the best local coffee roasters. I am extremely grateful for Los Angeles Coffee Club and it’s called Rokah Coffee Club. They do all the hard work for me. I don’t need to spend any effort searching for the best coffee in Los Angeles. They bring the best coffee to me, right to my doorstep! The feeling is like having your own barista! Every month they feature one of their favorite coffee roasters and they pack it in a nice practical personalized box and have it delivered to my address.

There is a 12 oz bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and there is a card with a back story of the featured roaster so you’ll know why your coffee taste really great and you might also get a surprise or two. How fantastic can that be?! Then in case, you can’t get enough which is likely going to happen often, you can just go to the roastery and buy more of your new found favorite local coffee! That’s what I do these days. Rokah made me discover coffee roastery that suits my taste.

That’s Rokah’s unique way of letting you discover local coffee in Los Angeles. I love living in Los Angeles because the city is so alive. It gets even more exciting with Rokah bringing the best specialty coffee Los Angeles has to offer. Moving forward, I won’t ever settle for anything less. The coffee beans are often roasted on the same day so freshness is guaranteed. I know once you’ve got this best coffee subscription, you’ll never want to drink coffee from big chain coffee brands again.

They surely diminish your taste for quality. Rokah Coffee Club knows how to value my sophisticated taste for freshly roasted coffee. I really love that about them. They seem to know what you like and what you need. They walk with the most genuine and passionate people in Los Angeles coffee scene so they choose the cream of the crop. It’s the most brilliant way for people to discover local coffee. The subscription comes easy with the extremely amazing benefit that is not only good for coffee lovers but at the same time, full support is given to local coffee roastery that resembles a hidden gem waiting to be discovered in the most practical and convenient way. Rokah Coffee Club gives you an instant glimpse of the best coffee place you’re going to want to hang out with your family and friends. They list all the details that matter most to people such as the ambiance, space, the environment around the shop, the friendliness of the staff, the accessibility, where they get their coffee beans, how they roast their coffee beans, how they started as a business, and what is their specialty coffee in each local coffee shop. The next time my friends ask me where we can meet to chat or hangout, I always have an answer and we just love the place! My new favorite subscription is awesome, if you think otherwise, then I don’t know what is.

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